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Who do you trust to stand up for medicare?  Alberta's New Democrats are the only party that has fought consistently and effectively to save public healthcare. 

Help us get our message out! This election, the NDP is the only choice to save healthcare. We are the only party you can trust to stand up for secure, sustainable and sensible public healthcare.

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Conservatives' healthcare privatization plans

Alberta’s New Democrats reveal documents detailing the PCs' health care privatization plans. These documents are proof that the Tories have a blueprint to undermine our public health care system. They describe such plans as new health premiums, spending accounts, and government-facilitated queue jumping.

Click here for confidential PC briefing notes.

Click here for a letter from the PC Health Minister advising an assistant on future plans for the health system.

Why does keeping healthcare "public" matter?

Brian Mason

"Publicly funded, publicly delivered healthcare produces the best outcomes, at the lowest cost, of any system. It also ensures fairness and equity in access to health services, something that's critically important to Albertans. Properly funded and run, it is still the best health care system in the world. Join me in standing up for public health care, part of our heritage as Albertans and Canadians."

Brian Mason
from A Letter from Brian Mason to All Albertans

Nothing distinguishes us more as Albertans, and Canadians, than our commitment to a universal, accessible public health system.

But our public healthcare system is in crisis. Years of free-market experiments and underfunding by the Conservatives have left our public health care system in urgent need of strengthening.

Yet, in the midst of a healthcare crisis affecting the lives of many Albertans, the Conservatives offer nothing but more of the same: more moves towards American-style healthcare and higher costs for seniors’ long-term care.

And the Wildrose? They have the same plans to allow wealthy people to pay for faster service, subsidized by public dollars.

The main difference between the Wildrose and the Conservatives is that the Conservatives have been doing by stealth what the Wildrose is openly pushing for.

Alberta’s NDP is committed to a new way of providing healthcare within the publicly funded and publicly delivered health care system.

We will reduce emergency room wait times and free up acute care hospital beds. We will introduce a basic dental health plan for children under 18. We will give seniors a break on prescription drugs, stop cost increases for long-term care, and provide more home care.

Alberta’s public health care is the Alberta New Democrats’ top priority. We know Alberta has the prosperity to provide excellent public services. 

This election, it’s clear that we need more NDP MLAs elected to help protect public health care.

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